Thinking of purchasing a new build? Here are some of the benefits of buying a new build home;

Help to Buy: First-time homebuyers can avail of the Help-to-Buy scheme with a rebate of up to €30,000.

Clean Slate: New builds are move-in ready with that new home smell. There’s no wear and tear, updates required or niggling issues, just a clean slate to put your own stamp on.

Peace of Mind: New build homes come with a 10 Year Homebond Structural Warranty.

Built for Modern Living: New build homes are designed for modern living, with an optimal layout, plenty of light and wired for technology such as home alarm systems.

Energy Efficient: New build homes come with an A-rating, meaning that they are built to the highest energy efficiency standards. This means significant savings on energy costs for the homeowner, plus a toasty, cosy home.

Low Maintenance: New builds are low maintenance with maintenance-free facades, landscaped gardens, freshly painted interiors, a new roof, new gutters and an air-tight home.

Sense of Community: New builds attract like-minded folk, and a community that will grow together. Neighbours will become friends and children will find new playmates.

Fixed Price: Buyers can rest assured that they are buying a fixed price home with no bidding war.

No Chain: Buying a new build means no complicated chain of relying on others for the sale to go through, making it a simpler and less stressful process.

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