What is Local Property Tax (LPT)?

Local Property Tax (LPT) is charged on residential properties in Ireland, including rental properties. If you own a residential property on November 1st, you are liable for LPT for 2022 based on the value of your property.

Who pays LPT?

If you own residential property in Ireland on November 1st, you must pay LPT. The deadline for submitting your valuation is 7th November, 2021. If you own an exempt property, you still need to make a return to claim an exemption. Note that some previously exempt properties (including those built after 2013) are liable for Local Property Tax in 2022. To check if your property is exempt, click here.

How to Value Your Property

LPT is based on the open market value of your property as of November 1, 2021. You can assess the market value of your property yourself using the following resources;

Revenue Property Valuation Guide

The Revenue Property Valuation Guide will give you the average values for your area. You should adjust based on specific features of your property (i.e. is it smaller or larger than the average in the area). If you believe that the average band for your area is not reflective of the value of your property, you can utilise the Residential Property Price Register or engage a professional valuer.

Residential Property Price Register

The Residential Property Price Register will give you the price of properties that have sold in your area. You can gather the sale prices of similar properties to your home (age, size, type) and use this to help you arrive at your valuation. Be sure to add 13.5% VAT to the sales prices shown on the register.

Professional Valuation

You are not required to use a professional valuer. However, if you have exhausted the options above and are not satisfied, you may choose to use one to value your property.

How to Pay LPT

You can pay LPT through the LPT Online System or access it through Revenue’s myAccount. You can pay LPT in full or spread the payments out over 12 months.

Local Property Tax Rates

LPT is based on market value bands, with the basic LPT rates for the valuation period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025 shown below.

Valuation band numberValuation band €LPT charge basic rate €
10 – 200,00090
2200,001 – 262,500225
3262,501 – 350,000315
4350,001 – 437,500405
5437,501 – 525,000495
6525,001 – 612,500585
7612,501 – 700,000675
8700,001 – 787,500765
9787,501 – 875,000855
10875,001 – 962,500945
11962,501 – 1,050,0001,035
121,050,001 – 1,137,5001,189
131,137,501 – 1,225,0001,408
141,225,001 – 1,312,5001,627
151,312,501 – 1,400,0001,846
161,400,001 – 1,487,5002,064
171,487,501 – 1,575,0002,283
181,575,001 – 1,662,5002,502
191,662,501 – 1,750,0002,721

Each Local Authority can increase or decrease the LPT rate, known as the Local Adjustment Factor, by up to 15% from the basic rate. The Local Adjustment Factor can change every year during the valuation period. You can check out the Local Adjustment Factor Rates here to check if your LPT charge for 2022 is different from the basic rate. If you are using the Revenue Property Valuation Guide, the local adjustment rate will be factored in already in the value band for your property.


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